MARCH 2006

i went to la this month and got a vibe that, this is where i should be. i saw the mountain with the small hollywood sign. how old it looked. how it should have fallen off sometime ago. i climbed atop the hollywood hill and took a nap. it rained. and i decided that i'm moving there, instead of ny. i'm scared because i don't i'm going to make it. i think i'm aggressive and i'll do something. but all these thoughts about being a filmmaker, writing something and doing what i want. directing. they just don't seem to really want to come to light. i'm very pestimistic. although, i must say that i had an amazing march. march seems to be a month of great things. i had the feelings in march that i could make it. that i'm going to do something great. but, i'm writing this on april 6th. and i've lost that.

i just got rejected from a film festival. the first of i'm sure many. not all, but i'm sure many. and it just took that happiness of march and slapped me in the face.

i've got other issues to deal with and i don't think i'm going to see it through.


Just received an update that my film is no longer rejected and due to some mixups within the system, my film is now going to premiere at STARZ!