APRIL 2006

another month has gone by and all i can think about is - one and one half left. before the big move. we had our end of the year screening and i think it went very well. some people really liked it, others liked it. and now - it's over (save for spanish ii) but that's another story.

but it's over. i'm done with school - with film school - with education - with classrooms - grades - homework - essays. everything is finished and well, it feels fantastic. save for spanish ii ... damn this requirement. oh well, i'm making money off of it to head to la.

so, how was the month? pretty uneventful, just a build up to the end of the month - to the screening. i injured my foot after our big screening trying to run around getting my friend to do something crazy and hilarious. i guess i deserved it.

it's a good time where i feel like people i've disliked really aren't that important to spend time worrying about. i have been much more cordial to those who i have been an asshole to in the past. i guess its more to the fact that i'm leaving soon. and - in fact, i'm almost finished with this town and in a few months, hell, i may be doing something pretty special - or serving food to people. either way, i'm excited.

and the future is open.