Crash the Superbowl... Sigh

Maybe, I'm watching too much YouTube.

But goddamn is there a lot of shit out there. At first it's a bit charming. "Look at your charming cat doing charming little shit." "Hehe - your kid can clap - how charming."

Well, I've been watching these damn Doritos commercials at Crash the Superbowl. Gross. I mean - it's sort of uncomfortable to watch. I'm sure each of you have some friend or someone that's participated in this. I did. And I'm embarrassed to say, I stooped into the same shlock that I'm complaining about - and I guess I sort of hate myself for it.


There is a lot of people out there who shouldn't be making movies. Fuck. I said it. The dirty words. Oh well, you guys can see it - and fuck political correctness - some people just shouldn't be making movies. They are missing the point completely. It's just more to the junk pile. Embarrassing.

I'm not saying I'm some expert filmmaker - by no means. No one's ever paid me to direct anything and as far as I know, I'm an amateur like the rest of us.

But - fuck - having no concept of character? or acting? or age appropriate casting? or being original? or production DESIGN? or lighting? or camera movement? or any awareness that you are shooting a movie and not your friend's (who's giggling off camera) shitty idea?

I mean - just because you have a camera and an editing system doesn't give you the magic ability to make movies. I try to experiment and play around with filmmaking - trying to make some sense of this ridiculously strange language - I still don't get it. And when some douchebag kid from Centersville Kentucky makes some thirty second piece of garbage - that gets 600 "hearts" on the site, well, I'm just embarrassed for us as a people.

Aren't we a little smarter than this? (this is the current forerunner).

I had a dream last night about taking a math test. It was supposed to be held in this room where usually we would hold class - but for some reason, I convinced myself I was supposed take it in this other room - even though there was no teacher or fellow students around. I sat in the empty room taking the test.

(how I got a copy of the test is beyond me).

Sometimes, I think I'm missing the point. I'm off in the other room like some weirdo scientist making experiments and completely off his rocker.

But that's alright. At least I didn't "crash the superbowl" - oh fuck - I did. Shit bananas.