Barbie! Brats! Girls!

"I believe in puddles."

It's one of many phrases used today by Mattel's new video used to discredit the Brats brand dolls. They shot the respectable Barbie and the - not so - respectable Brats dolls. They shot up their skirts to show how skimpy and frankly "slutty" the Brats dolls look.

They had parents speaking with the kids that were saying these various things. At one point, the point I felt most uncomfortable with was when they had the parents saying frankly - "I don't like advertising." Said amongst the sea of Clients and Agency clinging at every word, taking notes.

Today was a casting call as well as a shoot. Maybe of the girls they may use in upcoming - cough - advertisements. But the message was right. Girls shouldn't be subjected to slutty way too old for them sort of girls. The Brats dolls wear heavy make up and dress rather suggestive. There is a point. And Barbie is much more of a role model.

"We deserve better."

You do. "Little girls deserve better." Absolutely.

The girls (aging 4 - 12) all say basically the same lines. Especially this one - "I don't believe in vulgarity in the hands of five year olds." Vugarlity. They asked each of the girls what this word meant.

Vulgarity. "Something, such as an act or expression, that offends good taste or propriety." What exactly is good taste? In this comparison, Barbie is in - good taste. Vulgar by definition means - "Offensively excessive in self-display or expenditure." Excessive. Good taste.

I'll let you decide.

What bothers me most, being a male - and of a different persuasion - is the roles of gender being placed on girls at such young ages. Barbie is PINK. Everything Barbie is - if Barbie is anything - she is Pink. Pink is for girls. Blue is for guys. Most of the time.

"Boys can learn at lot from girls." They tell an 11 year old to say. Then they ask her for real. Her response to what "boys" are are as follows:

Worse learners, more disruptive, dirtier. Not as nice.

Now, before I move on further, I'm not one for being politically correct. I've said my share of - cough - vulgar things but at the same time, I find it curious this instant association of what it means to be a boy and what it means to be a girl.


I'm masculine. I'm feminine.

Gender is fucked in this society. And we wonder why we think it's weird... or gross... when we see two boys kiss. Or two girls. Although, there is some acceptance - "two hot chicks making out is HOT."

Even the most tolerant of us shy away from feminine ways in boys and masculine ways in girls. Although, once again - girls get a bit more pull.

I'm not attracted to gay guys. If they have any semblance of a lispy lip or limpy wrist, I'm totally turned off. Where does that come from? I'm also not comfortable holding hands. It's just not me. It doesn't fit my -

gender role.

Men are men. We don't hold hands. We don't cuddle. We fuck and fall asleep. We are dark blue, dirty, sweaty and muscular. We are beer drinking, football watching men. When, I'm alone in a room with a stranger. With another male stranger the subject that comes off most often will be - something about a hot girl. Or something about sports.

An instant - I'm no fag, I'm a man sort of conversation. It's almost instantaneous. Ridiculous. And really fucking annoying if you ask me. Men are such walking penis brains. And we have to prove ourselves constantly.

Do I hate advertising? I don't know. But, I am slowly seeing the reasons behind our ways and means. Standing in front of a giant pink background and stating that "girls should wear fur." (fake fur - they quickly add) almost as a inside joke - is the foundation that leads to a future of uncomfortable sexuality.

When asked when their daughter should be able to watch Music Videos, one mother replied after a careful consideration, 18. Are you kidding me? You daughter may be sucking cock at 12. It happens. This careful consideration and fear of sexuality is totally backwards. When we should be exposing our children to all walks of life and all thoughts in being, instead we focus on - the traditional person.

The man who fucks. The woman who cuddles. The man with cars. The girl with dolls.