The Law of Attraction (The Office)

Three things happened to me today. These things reinforce the reasons and laws that guide me in life.

Do what you have to do. Even when all others doubt you.
And even when nothing validates your efforts.

All things are predestined. And all things are connected.

Is the Law of Attraction.

The three things that happened to me were:

This week's "The Office"

My Mother's new divorce.

My incredibly psychic iPod shuffle & the trailer to "Across the Universe."

First for Event Number One. More specifically two moments. One of which was when Michael (the Boss) gives a last few words at a speech he gave at a "bring your boss for a letter grade" Business Class. After receiving harsh criticism from the very cynical audience, full of students who seem to think they know more about Business then Michael. And to some extent the way the director chose to lead us into believing - hey - this dude's just a big douchebag who doesn't know how to run a company he says (of his employee who made some comments about the company he works for becoming obsolete):

"Ryan has never made a sale." After a joke about burning cheesy pita, he goes on to say. "He doesn't know anything and neither do you." He storms out.

The importance of that to me was enormous. This coupled with the ending of the show when Michael shows up at an Art Show that Pam (the secretary) participated. She too is a student. She knows nothing. Her art - as others in the show so far have said (in so many words) - is bad.

But Michael shows up and is amazed at it. In his world, she's perfect. She smiles and feels validated. For me, this show was about being validated. Now, I must remark that the show was directed by Joss Whedon, who still mopes over his canceled "Buffy" show - but to me, this is what keeps me going.

Working. Creating. Hoping to make and direct. For me, one day, I hope to be validated. And the small encouraging words always mean a lot. Especially when speaking of work that's honest.

My qualms of validation given to works that I feel are not honest ::cough Ron Howard cough:: rise. Even at the complete ignorance of my young and pompous ways. When honest work, like Pam's rather dull drawing of a coffee mug and the outside of the building she works at, gets validated - I am moved. When Crash is validated by what is supposed to be a prestigious award ceremony - I am infuriated.

I got a call from my Mom which always begins this way. I pick up and say, "hello?" And she says. Sad. Quiet.


I know it's bad.

"So, Joe moved out today." And it turns into a sequence of events that will lead my Mom into her third divorce. The details are long and detailed but it lead me to my third law. The Law of Attraction.

Oprah (yes THAT Oprah) quietly had a "secret" show. Or, more specifically a show about a new documentary, "The Secret." I don't watch this show, nor did I watch this specific show, but I saw the ads on billboards and saw the promos for it. For some reason, I thought maybe Oprah's secret was that she had a new baby or maybe she was a lesbian. I mean, they did make a big deal about it.

Instead it was about - The Secret.

The Secret is about THE LAW OF ATTRACTION. Which, I believe in with more then anything else. In fact, I'm going to change my previous order to fit the following:

Is the Law of Attraction.

Do what you have to do. Even when all others doubt you.
And even when nothing validates your efforts.

All things are predestined. And all things are connected.

That's more to the point. The Law of Attraction is basically this - if you believe it, it will be true.

IF YOU BELIEVE IT. IT WILL COME TRUE. If you believe you are going to die in a fiery autoplane crash. Then, it will come true. If you honestly believe that you will be miseriable your whole life. It will be true.

If you believe that the one you are with is going to break your heart. Mom. It will be true. If you believe it - it will be true.

Is it my Mother's fault that she married a horrible, selish prick who doesn't deserve the dirt my Mother steps on? No. Did my Mother convince herself she wasn't marrying such a disgustingly horrible person? Did she convince me, my sister and all those around her that - he's really a good guy?


And she did. And then, she realized that he would break her heart. And she let him. Because, that's what she believed. Even, at the cost of her own happiness. If you believe it. It will be true.

This sometimes, comes in direct conflict with my third law. Predestination. In fact, many people hate this idea. This is why The Law of Attraction is so appealing. I am in control. People would want to believe.

I am the one who gets to decide.

Not some unknown force. Not some - God.

I believe in God but not the one made up in fairy tale books and made up stories. Not the one worshiped by those in an organized religion. My own God. The one, ahem, I created.

When I was 21, I had a pseudo-girlfriend. Her name was Jen Allen. She was a pretty girl, a nice girl. She had a nice family. An aggressive father. A typical American sort of position. They were sometimes mean. Sometimes nice. Average.

I wanted to date her. I wanted to prove to her that I was straight. And wanted to eat Broccoli.

Well, as me and her soon found out, I was into guys. But - bi-sexually only. Meaning to say, I wanted guys the way I want chocolate cake. As good as it felt, it was bad for me. And, at the time, I knew being with a girl. Having children. Being married. Was the good thing. It was the (something I hated to eat) broccoli.

We stopped dating when I went off to film school. One day, after leaving her house. I drove around. I didn't know where or why. I didn't want to go home. It was still light out and so, I drove until I came to this pier. I sat in my car, by the water and looked out of my sun roof. Waiting for the sun to go away.

I listened to Moby at the time. It was lame - and melodramatic, but it fit. As things do when you are trying to be philosophical.

Something happened, I was tired, my eyes were droopy but I started to see little green lights in the air. Floating there. Maybe they were the little flicks of cells you see when you close your eyes and try to "see your eyelids," but as clear as day - or dusk as it was - I saw these lights.

And it was beautiful.

And that for me was presence of God.

A few years back, I had lived in Fayetteville, North Carolina. I drove to school in the same Nissan Sentra that I had when I first saw - my own creation of God - and every morning had to turn left at this very busy intersection.

At this intersection was a green arrow.

And every morning, it was green. I never waited at that light. Ever. After a while, I noticed this and it wasn't until that day when I sat alone at the Pier, looking up at the sky, listening to Moby's Play album, being sad because I had a girlfriend who liked me but I didn't want to have sex with and - seeing God.


Small and meaningless to everyone else.

When I see clouds I see God. When I see a mopey sky, I see God. And it's beautiful to me. I thank him, no matter who or what is going on in my life. I never ask him for anything in my life because I believe in Law Number Three.

That all things are predestined. I am here for a reason. All things are connected. And everything has an answer.

I have about 5,000 songs on my iPod and I feel I have a pretty amazing shuffle because it tends to give me what I need to hear, when I play it. I don't play it often because frankly, it's extremely magic to me (and I don't want to deflate the magic.)

Today, I saw a trailer for Across the Universe. A pretty cool new movie from Julie Taymore. Who directed Freda and Titus. Both of which were fairly good movies. This one looks to be no different.

The opening of the music video, I mean - movie trailer - was a guy singing to the camera what I thought was a new song. A musical with new music. And then, I heard Beatles music. All of this was Beatles music.

I soon, found myself wondering, because, I'm a big fan of the Beatles which song this is exactly. I know Hey Jude, Across the Universe and the other songs played throughout - but this opening lyrics - "is there anybody going to listen to my story, all about the girl who came to stay..."

What song was that?

Three songs into my iPod shuffle, directly after Morrissey's "The Glass Hidden In the Grass" which has a main lyric of - "why don't you find out for yourself," was "Girl." By the Beatles. Who's opening lyrics were "is there anybody going to listen to my story, all about the girl who came to stay..."

Well, thank you.

I appreciate that very much so.

What inspires me is following these laws and finding these small day to day incidents that lead me further through. Yea, pretty much a lame coincidence. Really no reason to blog about GOD and LIFE and THE BEATLES but for some reason, it feels right. And for some reason, it's what I felt compelled to do.

These things have a reason. And I'm OK with listening to the connections.