I Don't Trust Robots

I recently discovered my awful and most atrocious ability in dealing with grammar rules and regulations. In fact, I hate the fact that I have a college degree but I'll leave out words when I write sentences. Or fragments. Or pieces. Of something.

I wonder, if it matters?

It does to me.

When I was in Kindergarten, I was taught to read and spell using flash cards. I see a word - and memorize the VISUAL look of the letters and arrangements. I didn't learn through Phonics. APPLE is said APPLE because it LOOKS like the word APPLE. And apple is spelled - A P P L E. Because that's what it looks like and in my head that's what it looks right.

I'll look at words and remember if it looks right.

Which is sort of incredible. As there are a many of thousands of words out there. This also became an interesting subject, when I think about people who do - super math. Or are basically, human calculators or humalators.

Side note, on Indie 103.1 (awesome music station in LA) some DJ mentioned The Arctic Monkeys and for some reason thought a good band name would be Humanzes. I concur.

Humalators must do amazing amounts of calculation. Processing multiple steps in fractions of seconds - it's incredible. And frankly beyond my comprehension. The brain is something I don't want to mess with.

Fincher's "Zodiac" (best film (I've seen) since the 70s) was shot on HD and is the first film to be a great argument for HD cinema. Finally. But now, comes my hesitation.

And it's been a long time coming. I used to make stupid comments about Film being the ONLY medium. And then, I sort of fell into the - whatever suits the project. VHS is still hot (in my opinion) and Gondry beat me too it, that bastard.

After seeing Zodiac, I become sad. Why? Because Zodiac doesn't have film dailies. They exist only on computers. Only in 1s and 0s. And as long as the computers say we can watch them - there shouldn't be a problem.

But, something is happening. Very very slowly.

Humans are being replaced. And 2001 is becoming science fact. Save for those monoliths, I'm not sure that's true...

But, soon, computers will see us as too unintelligent to really be of any use to them. Take Bank of America (BOA). They now have a system that chooses, based on various and random and - who knows what sort of things - to check whether or not you're available for "forgiveness in overdrafts."

The COMPUTER systems chooses. And the human sitting at the desk has no override ability. The COMPUTER system at BOA also chooses how long your checks will be on hold. When I used to deposit at BOA, they would put my checks on hold anywhere from that night at midnight 'til 3 or 4 (business) days later.

Especially if things were about to go through. And I'd - overdraft...

Since I've been to a more - reasonable - bank. I have instant access to my checks because, logically as a human, if Bank of America writes me a check - Bank of America has money in the account.

And 24 hours of "processing" isn't going to change the fact.

But, here we are. In the days of computers. Of robots beginning to make our choices. Google chooses what websites you find when searching. Sure, humans first started the top secret algorithms but with billions of sites - and an increasing and infinite amount growing - computers are truly the end and deciding factor when you type in - say Burgers. So, why have I always been so - adamant against it? To be honest, I don't trust robots.

And one day, when John Connor is saving our lives - I don't think you will either.

In the end of days - in the battle between Humalators and Terminators, we'll still have light. And light will still go through celluloid. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to sit down at my man-eating, gun shooting laptop to check out the latest, ah hem, digital movie.