My Four Joys

number one.
slurpees (within walking distance)

Including such flavors as: Coke, Cherry, Strawberry Banana, Strawberry Creme and Sunkist. They are delicious. See picture for further details.

number two.
television & dvr (within walking distance)

As in - in my living room. Including such flavors as:

[Sunday Nights] _ Rome (best novel on screen), Extras (best Curb Your Enthusiasm as a British show impression), The Apprentence (best worst vote someone off show), Grease: You're The One That I Want (Best not sure why I'm watching this one show), Family Guy (best show I miss mostly but love to laugh with), The Simpsons (best show I never watch but wish I watched), The Amazing Race: All Stars (best show I like to wish I went on but never will because I'm afraid of looking like a pussy show)

[Monday Nights] _ Heroes (best guilty pleasure), Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (best dialogue as a tennis match show), 24 (best show - via all my friends who watch it - of which I don't watch and hope gets canceled because I hate it show) please see previous blog), The Daily Show & Colbert Report (best couple - although not a fan of British newbie John Oliver)

[Tuesday Nights] _ American Idol (best vote show) - also on Wednesday and Thursday Nights - oh American Idol must you take over my whole line-up! You've destroyed Tuesday television - please don't kill Lost... sniff.

[Wednesday Nights] _ America's Next Top Model (best cat show), Lost (best mystery show), Project Runway aka Top Chef aka Top Design (best creative competition) - this will soon be added with On the Lot of which I will scuff and talk of how much better a filmmaker I am - to myself only. I did not enter this competition. (see reasons under The Amazing Race). And plus it's a joke. GENRES!? I HATE GENRES!

[Thursday Nights] _ Survivor (best show I start to watch, stop watching and then start watching again), My Name is Earl (best show I like when watching but never WANT to watch), The Office (best show), 30 Rock (best comedy show), The Sarah Silverman Program (best offensive jokes that I never get tired of - most will)

[Friday Nights] _ Real Time with Bill Maher (best talk show)

[Saturday Nights] _ Saturday Night Live (best and only show on Saturday)

God I need a life.

number three.
imeem & the internet (within walking distance)

As in - in my bedroom! When I should be finishing my script (BY TOMORROW) I instead work on my imeem profile. What is imeem? Well, it's a BLOG, MYSPACE, CHAT PROGRAM, MUSIC COLLECTOR, VIDEO PLAYER, ALL IN ONE AWESOME.

You can read people's profile who upload playlists of music and videos - you can take their music as if you were taking from LimeWire - you can view and embed music and videos into your other profiles - like MySpace. You can basically make it whatever you want. The ultimate profile maker.

And the chat program is awesome.

Still needs a few kinks but it has the potential to be more amazing then MySpace - just needs a few more users... anyone want to join?

Also - I'm reworking my website, reading the news, checking my email (50 times a day), posting new videos I shoot/edit, wishing more people viewed them on YouTube, wishing more people rated them, wondering how something becomes a hit - procrastinating writing...

number four.
harry potter (the series)

Last but not least - Harry Potter. I'm re-reading the series for the first time. And, having not read them in a while, they are mostly a surprise (save for the big stuff). I love Harry Potter. I read them and find myself wandering the castle as if I were in a video game able to control the universe. I read them every night and I don't stop reading until I'm at a place where it would seem appropriate for time to pass - say when Filch leaves the office after yelling at me for getting dirt all over the halls after a rainy Quidditch practice - he soon finds his petrified cat - YIKES! MRS. NORRIS - NO!!!!! DAMN YOU TOM RIDDLE!

I should get back to Harry Potter.