Today I saw the best film I've seen in the past decade. Which means since 1997. That means better then any Wes Anderson film or P.T. Anderson film. Yes, I love Punch Drunk Love for all it's quirk and cinematic "fuck you." Yes, I love Wes Anderson's The Royal Tennenbaums for all it is, but Zodiac hit something new for me.

About an hour and half into it, I never wanted it to end. It felt so - fresh. And new. And bold. And present. I was freaked out. Stressed out. On the edge of my seat. But not because there was killer on the corner about to kill our hot sexy girlfriend. Not because a black cat jumped out of the alley way - but because David Fincher has used the language of cinema. I was there - watching. Participating in the investigation. Flying from one investigator to another. Hoping. Just hoping that maybe I'll get an answer.

Even though, we all know there is no pay off.

I was rooting for a lost cause. I was laughing and being completely terrified in the same moments. This film is a masterpiece. Because it doesn't rely on a bunch of cine-magic to fool me into liking it. It doesn't float around through coffee mugs to awe me (as I was in his previous film). It just tells the story. The way it should be. The way it felt right.

When I think of Se7en after this, it's almost laughable. The tremendous difference between works. And the greatest news is that everyone is saying that The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is supposed to be his masterpiece.

If Zodiac is any sign of what Fincher's possibility is, I think he's in the running to be my favorite director. Of all time.

Go see this film immediately.