A Brave New World

Thanks to Harry Potter, I'm beginning to read. That and the fact that my work tends to give a lot of time of - sitting and waiting.

Yesterday, on a Jack in the Box commercial set, I sat and read, almost straight through, Brave New World: a strangely paced, oddly structured and horribly relevant book for the day. In so many references to the future, people tend to talk about 1984 but on very rare, in the corners of commentary, do we find ourselves reading and talking about this book. A book about given (without effort) happiness. About structured society. About making sure that art isn't important. That God is driven from culture. That when you're sad you can instantly turn to soma .

QUICK REFERENCE - Here's a list of some of our personal soma.

In the book, which begins with a tour exhibiting how people are created (in test tubes) and conditioned to be categorized in various groups: The Alphas, Betas, Deltas, Gammas and the, oh so stupid Epsilons. How people are created as twins, but not of one set or two or (ford forbid) three sets of twins - but of hundreds. We find that society is built on - being happy and feeling pleasure. So much so that the movies of the future are called "feelies" - where you FEEL the movies just as much as you see and hear them.

Although, these pleasures of society are conditioned (five year olds have naked - erotic play in order to sustain a happy sexual life - where anyone can have anyone and in essence the motto goes: "the whole is the goal"). Where we hear whispers in our sleep about our position in the whole. Today we find ourselves in similar circumstance.

We draw closer to simplistic, easy living.

And then there's this - Cell phones kill bees.

Suddenly, our easy living ways are having an impact. As I wrote in an earlier blog, about why I don't trust robots.

I've also seen that the universe is beginning to fight back. Albert Einstein predicted that "
if the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would only have four years of life left."

Fuck me.