Sunlit Shadows (soundtrack)

When writing and gearing up for production, I usually create a playlist of what's happening. How I'm feeling and a certain - CIRCLE that I've been thinking about that's creating the mood or the tone of the film.

Below is the current soundtrack for Sunlit Shadows.

This of course, changes quite often and rearranges. So, you may or may not hear some of the songs listed here in the final film but there are some songs (like Peter, Bjorn and John as the end credits) that have very distinct places and there are other things that feel like good Trailer Music (Mumpsy's cover of Paula Abdul's "Straight Up" or Chad VanGaalen).

Music definitely runs everything I do.


MASTER OF NONE _ beach house
AND I LOVE HER _ the beatles
POISED AND READY _ brendan benson
CLINICALLY DEAD _ chad vangaalen
LITTLE ANGEL _ the decades
LOS CRUZADOS _ elk city
WHEN THE DAY IS DONE _ the legends
STRAIGHT UP _ mumpsy
THE APPLE TREE _ peter & the wolf
OBJECTS OF MY AFFECTION _ peter bjorn and john
VERSAILLES _ pinback
THE TREES _ pulp
YOU & I _ silver apples
LET 'EM IN _ wings
LOSING SIGHT _ zoot woman