Things Happen Quick


Suddenly, it's May. The beginning of the Blockbuster summer starting with the ho hum, I'm not so excited release of Spiderman 3 - Spidey gets Ridiculous. In fact, there's nothing I'm looking forward too really until Harry Potter (the book & movie) and Be Kind, Rewind.

In about 6 weeks, I'm going to be directing again. Another short film, but something I'm pretty excited about. In fact, it may be better then my last. I'm hoping at least. Every film should get better and I'm hoping this is no exception. I'm with an amazing team. A eager beaver producer, a to the T cinematographer and a really exceptional production designer. At the moment, I'm only lacking in the sound department.

I've been working alot.

Today, I was in the basement of some building across from the American Apparel HQ and found myself wearing a mask and listening to not so good music with a concept that mimic's Spike Jonze's amazing music video:

I was just a PA.

In the treatment for this music video, the director referred to Michel Gondry's Eternal Sunshine... he's almost correct. I find that Gondry and Jonze come from the same sleeve of filmmaking. Just as I see Glazer and the two Anderson's in the same. I think I'm weird.

I recommended everyone go out and see Death Proof. You can avoid Planet Terror if you want - but it's fun enough to sit through.

I'm submitting for the Sundance Insitute on Monday with my script that's just inches from being finished. I can smell the next one I'm going to write. It's about High School and it's four films (freshman, sophmore, etc) and set to the music of each of the four decades (60s-90s) and Shakespeare. It'll be awesome.

I hope.

I've got so many film ideas swimming in my head, but I find that most of them require a bigger budget. One day at least.

I got my director's reel out (finally) to a few people I've meet at festivals and hopefully, I'll be able to do something with that. Once, I finish The Western, I'll be able to really start pursuing making this movie making thing.

Just need to finish.

But, I'm working. And working. And sleeping. And reading. And watching TV. GO BLAKE LEWIS! ARE THE LOSTONIANS DEAD!? WHY IS THE OFFICE ALWAYS A RERUN! DON'T CANCEL 30 ROCK! WHERE IS STUDIO 60!?


I should get to bed. I've got to go and sleep and wake up early to return a bunch of equipment. I'm a truck PA, the guy who is responsible. Sort of a higher up step. But not really.

Just extra days (making you extra money). I'm tired and need a slice of pizza.


I'm not a very good vegan.