Yo! Chuck and Larry...

... fuck you.

Is it really still funny to see straight guys play straight guys who pretend to be gay? How many gay jokes can one stupid film hold? I'm not trying to be some left wing nut job who's afraid to smack some kid when he's acting up - or think that we should all be stuck in the PC universe. I'm against affirmative action on most accounts, but some things have got to change.

And that's stop making being gay weird.

It's not weird.

If two guys hold hands - so what. If two girls hold hands - so what. People are people are people are people. I'm tired of stupid commercials that continue to play off our human reaction to groan or wince when two dudes kiss. Or think it's funny to think that it's "cool" to like girls who kiss.

I'm frustrated.

Because, this isn't my sort of feeling towards things. I'm a pretty easy going guy but I realized that most of my anxiety about being with a guy has come from this constant anti-gay sentiment. Yeah, so people are pretty OK with it now. Sure, there are those out there who aren't against gay marriage. Pat yourself on your backs - you're not a horrible person. But supporting a horrible trailer and movie such as I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU CHUCK AND LARRY offends me.

Because - in big bold letters they tell you what you're going to laugh at.


The only question I have is - do Octopus shudder and giggle at the gay couple swimming by?