Fuck, I've Joined a Cult!

I've been gone for sometime.

Almost a month since my last - REAL blog post.

I have to confess. I've joined a cult. Now, those of you who may know, I'm one against the cult of MAC. People, I saw who are part of - mac crack. In fact, I recently decided to slowly shed myself of all my MAC materials. With that in mind, I'm also a sucker for something even more sinister and evil.


This frozen yogurt desert place is crazy - people call it crackberry - fuck you BLACKBERRY - Pinkberry is the new crackberry. So yeah - FUCK YOU. To see how EVIL this place is - listen to the song lyrics on their website. To find out how FUCKING DELICIOUS pinkberry is - go there now.

I'm a strawberry, mango, banana and moshi fella. I'm off to visit a friend. AND GO TO PINKBERRY. I'm a paradox but it's OK.