I Called It

As some may know - I'm a fan of this year's American Idol.

And last night, I called it.

A few weeks ago on a friend's blog, I said the following:

I thought of you when I saw last night. I was super frightened of Blake's dimise. That would be shocking. But not uncalled for - being that he did what the judges said - "an OK performance" and FUCK head Phil is suddenly becoming a "country" star because he some how managed not to suck on a song...

Yeah fucking right you're into country music - you just want to win - you overblown piece of crap... I hate Phil. And as much as I liked LaKisha - what is she doing now? Ugh.

Chris is the worst singer.


My vote is still for Jordyn and Blake in the top two...
with Melinda a SHOCKING third to last out... but we shall see...

I just hope Blake blows it out of the water.



We shall see all right - MELINDA VOTED OUT ROUND THREE.

I called it.

Thank you - thank you.