Last night. At about 11:43pm. I finished the newest draft of THE WESTERN. It feels good. To be finished. I've got lots of things weighing on me - in a good way and it feels good to have something on its way to being finished.

I think it needed to be finished.

Everything stood still. No blogs. Nothing really production. Been sort of hiding. That stopped things. That and the fact that television ended a lot this month. We had the Season Finale of LOST this week which total rocked shit awesomed. I also watched the finale of American Idol - eh.

Some shows I enjoy and others - I just watch. LOST and SOPRANOS, I enjoy. I freak out. And cry. Well, I've never really cried watching Lost but the Sopranos has been incredibly sad this year. Beautiful.

Last week's Tony and AJ pieta was just more than I could handle.

The Western is alot of me rolled into one. I'm Ryan, a comfortably gay male whose ready to move on with his life. I'm an artist of flickering lights. I'm Luke - the straight hateful, angry guy who wants a kid, normalcy. To fuck women. I'm also Emily - a sexually adventurous and sometimes dangerous sort of victim.

I write about my Mother alot. She's a great character. I wrote about my dead dog dying. I wrote about some fantasies - some fears. It's everything in one. And hopefully - it makes sense.

A few friends are taking a gander this weekend.

Entertainment Weekly is incredibly insightful in its commentary. For all its feature articles about what's crappy this week - you can find wonderful editorials on the back page - as well as relevant and intelligent critique of this week's television and movies. Yes, even on shows like American Idol but even more so on The Sopranos and Lost.

This week, in an article at the back of their Michael Moore cover edition. Mark Harris wrote an exceptional piece about the film industry vs. television. A friend of mine (Eric) recently gave up on movies. "Television is just more exciting" he says.

Well, fuck. Yeah. It is. Week after week we're given an hour of television that's usually pretty damn good. Some of course is crap - but when you find that gem show, it's incredible to watch.

The production value. The story telling. The performances. Each of it a piece in a gigantic story unveiled over the course of many many years. It's an investment that pays off (we always hope) to great reward.

And then - there's movies.

This month saw a resurgence of three horrible sequels. Each toppling 200 million dollars in budget (including their marketing). One of which is a cartoon.

I'm not necessarily going to repeat the article that Mark Harris wrote which I demand each of you reads here but fuck if it isn't sad in the universe or cinema landscape. I'm a sucker for big movies. I can't wait for the likes of giant robot battles and wizard rebellions in the coming weeks but I guess the Libra in me is just asking for a bit of balance.

And maybe - more to the point - respect.

You see, when Jaws was a blockbuster it was because it was fucking good. Intelligent. It wasn't just simply a series of special effects, BIGGER bad guys and all the nonesense that is - Pirates THREE, Shrek THREE, Spiderman THREE. It wasn't because it was on 45 gabillion screens. Either.

When one film makes 122 million dollars (Shrek) and the second film makes 30 million (Spiderman) - I'm not sure there was a lot of choice going into the theaters... Especially when the later made 150 the previous week... Hmmm... 150 million to 30... must be a great film.

Let's hope in the coming years, Audiences begin to demand more. Let's hope in the coming years that someone comes around and makes movies - FUCKING AMAZING.


Maybe it'll be one of these guys:

God. When will our Saviour come?