The Western Meets the Future

So, I've got 5 credit cards. One with $3,000. One with $2,000. One with $1,000. One with $750. And the last with $300. They are all maxed out - or about $50 - $100 dollars from being maxed out.

They want me to pay them.

I laugh.

I've got about (when I've paid them back over the next 20 years) (when I'm 45 years old) $100,000 dollars in student loans. That's including interest. Varing from 5 to 10%

They also include not working and using them to put $10,000 into Lonely Lights. And $7,000 into LMNO.

They are starting to call.

I'm avoiding that.

My rent's gone up 35 bucks.

I'm working less. Not on purpose, but because things are slower. And the production managers I know tend to work at the same time. So, I'll be working for one - the other calls and wants me to work for them - I can't. Because I'm not a super hero and able to work in two places at once. They don't call again. I have to remind them, that I can still work for them. It's a frustrating and humiliating job.

I'd like to do something else.

But -

It's gotten me through one year. And I hope maybe it'll get me through another one - or two. Because. Things are moving forward in my (non paying) career.

This week, I met with a manager. Who's read the Western and seen Lonely Lights. I met her at the Los Angeles Film Festival. She seems to enjoy and love both. We sat in her office and talked for over an hour just about the the script and things seemed to have gone really well.

She wants to move forward with the script as a producer.

Which means she's hiring a Line Producer to budget the script. The goal being $500,000 but it may (and probably will be) closer to a $1,000,000.

::spit take::


In the next two months, I'll know. And then, we're going to start, as she puts it, "articulating the vision." Putting together a look book, casting choices and the such. And then - slowly but surely convince those with a dollar or two to invest.

Real steps to a real movie.

At the same time, she's going to start acting as a manger. She's gathering my "inventory." The Western, The Odyssey of LMNO, a television show I'm writing with a good friend Eric, a four part film about high school.

And from there begin getting my name into the right hands. Hopefully, slowly finding my voice into the right ears - and possibly getting some work for hire. This process?

Two to five years. Up to a decade.

But, the foot trail has begun. And it's quite exciting. Slowly and simply starting. Extremely fucking exciting.

Wonderfully awesome.

And the bills that are piling at my door just need to wait a bit longer before I get to them.