The Prison at the Center of the Universe

He was across from me.
Stuck behind the bars
Smiling and waiting
I wish he knew where he was
How trapped he had made himself
His own prison at the edge of the universe.

We sat playing gentle games
And gentle gestures of smiles
Wandering eyes. And awkward glances
None of which means nothing.
Unless you want them too

And that makes it worse

I want to figure discover his escape
Break him free of his prison cell
The bars which separate us
At least then, we can pretend
In reality.

And the truth
The violent quiet is too strong
Smashing its way through my skin
Ripping it from the bones
Exposing me nude and naked
My pale flesh indecent
And unappealing

There's no way we were meant to be
Even with the ache of my girlish heart
Or the strength of my boyhood crush
Nothing means anything

Especially as the bars
I find
Surround me.
Discovery comes as he slips away
The walls which hold no one
But my odd and naked body.