Slurpee Slurpee How I Hate Thee

Today was the first (almost) official day with my new manager. After a strange and (I don't recommend it) awkward contract negotiations, we came to an agreement.

And we're now partners.

Our first order of business was hiring a line producer who is currently breaking THE WESTERN down and putting together a budget that is both reasonable to the needs of the visual elements while also staying in the "low budget" range.

It's exciting.

Life is beautiful and wonderful. This evening, I do what I do before every major juncture in my life. I ride in my truck. I really love this truck. Even though it needs a good brake job and a new set of tires, but besides that - the truck feels good.

I didn't go anywhere in particular. I didn't ride up into the Hollywood Hills. Or take a trip up Mulholland drive to get this view of the 101 - if you look over on the right of the picture to the red neon sign - if you were to continue zooming... my house is there (there abouts anyway) :

Instead, I just drove. To nowhere in particular. At first I realized, I was headed to the beach. I hate the beach and so, I turned around. I drove around downtown and looked at the quite amazing skyline. It's quite incredible. And is a great feat of architecture and planning. I like it anyway.

I then decided to get a Slurpee. Because there's nothing that makes me feel better than when I'm a little hot. A little thirsty. And wanting to satisfy my awesome need to feel happy. And, so. I did.

I got a coke and cherry - the default flavor (under the psuedo-recommendation of a friend). I then got home took out my fresh bag of Oreos, I can't go to the near by 7 Eleven without getting a bag of Oreos, wrote this little bloggy blog -

And then - watched Mean Girls. That's right - Positive Energy to Utah. My friend and roommate is there now shooting a movie. And he's got that. Lindsey Lohan. And some very frightened miners. This isn't a good week for Utah.

On a completely different note, I finally saw an episode (because I had MSNBC on in the background all day) of TO CATCH A PREDATOR. Are these guys total idiots?


I digress and - postpone the inevitable. MEAN GIRLS.

Goodnight friends. (hugs and bugs).