A Little Write Up

A few weeks ago, I got a little write up in the Advocate online for my short which played at the Nevada City Film Festival. I feel special.

"...the most notable short of the festival, however, was the autobiographical 'The Lonely Lights. The Color of Lemons.,' an impressive short by Benjamin M Piety about adolescence. Not afraid of stationary shots, Piety allows the camera to hold spaces of nonaction while he recounts an early sexual experience with his male cousin or the absurdity of his father teaching him the difference in pronunciation of the words “crash” and “trash.” His sparing use of cinematography only serves him later in triumphantly visual scenes, such as when the camera pans our hero standing dumbstruck in the middle of a room full of “lonely lights” as they fill the edges of the frame. Piety splits the frame here to make it seem at first as if things are opening up—identical worlds pulling apart—and then collapsing in on each other until all that is left is a small and empty chamber."
Thanks Corey Scholibo.