In Rainbows & Ghosts

Damn it.

I didn't even get a chance to countdown on my google homepage. Every day, I do however check Google News - I like Google stuff - and one of my custom searches is "Radiohead" - well, you'll have to forgive me but -


10 DAYS!?


"In Rainbows" for those who aren't so in the loop is coming out on October 10th - 6 days to be exact. But it's not going to be a regular release. Such as any ol' band would do. You see, people were wondering what Radiohead was going to do. Since "Pablo Honey" they've been signed with EMI. And now, their contract is up. They a free agents. Unsigned.

Like bands in garages across the country.

Radiohead unsigned.

So, people wondered what would a unsigned, unpressured band sound like. How would the release?

Apparently, like geniuses.

This Radiohead release seems to be a statement on the extreme dichotomy that we exist in. Distribution the new way. And the old way.

The new way.

Is digital. Downloadable. No paper. No waste. Just information. Clean. Free. Or - as with "In Rainbows" at - name your own price. If you want to pay 1 pound or 100. Apparently, you can't pay more than 99 pounds. Or around 210 dollars.

This way is user choice. "Web 2.0." Interactive. Give it to me the way I want it. If I want to pay a dollar, I DESERVE TO PAY A DOLLAR for your work. We are truly and undeniably in the age of entitlement.

The old way.

Expensive. At 82 bucks (40 pounds) you get a bunch of shit you don't really want. Two CDs - with only 18 songs. Two records. Some artwork. And a bunch of paper wasted. People have complained for sometime how expensive music is for 15 songs. A dollar per song. I want it for free. My own price.

But then you don't get to have the other songs.

You only get a few. A half taste of all that "In Rainbows" has in store.

And so, what do Radiohead fans bring themselves too? Do they do it the new way? Name your own price? Spending what they want - or do they do it the old way - paying more for what they don't really want.

So far, it seems the old way has prevailed but I assume this is mostly due to the lack of half the album on the name your own price. It's an interesting dialogue that it has opened up and I wonder what the evolution of htis will be. Talks are said to be made between EMI and Radiohead again and I assume the old way is looming in.

But for now a glimpse of the future.

In related happenings, I am working on a set for "1000 Ways to Die" a new pilot for Spike and one of our sets is an old and (I now believe) haunted house. I had to check the house after hours, after production, in order to ensure that all was well. Clean and ready for inspection in the morning. I was alone.

In this huge, old and creepy house. Dark. Unlit. I walked around back and found the keys under some cobweb dusty sink. I unlocked the back door and walked in - my first and only mission was to turn on lights. What I see doesn't scare me.

I found my way through the clean (but very old and dusty) home. Everything was looking OK - and it wasn't that bad.

And then.

I went upstairs. The hallway full of closed doors. There wasn't a light so I wandered over to midway down the call hoping to god that switch were flip - it did. Light. No big deal.

I went to grab for a handle and it felt - locked.

But strange enough. There was no lock. I went to grab for it again - and it pulled away from. As if someone didn't want me to come in.

I froze in my feet.

Standing there silent.

Hoping to dear God nothing came out.

I left the house quickly.

And shivered all the way home.