19 is the Future

I've been going through some changes. My bank just overdrafted (first time in a while) but that's alright. I'm going to get paid in two days and be able to pay off the 30 or 40 bucks, I overdrew. I'll also be able to pay off two credit cards. I read today how to increase your credit. First - pay your bills on time. That counts for 35% of your score. Another 30% is accounted by taking how much you owe on credit - say $1000 divided by how much credit you have say three cards totaling a $5000 limit. That percentage should be less that 35% - and less than 10% to be great - but not at 0%.

So, for me - having $7000 limit on my cards, but keeping a $700 limit is ideal. Paying it regularly - and possibly - off (each month). These two things alone can increase your credit score 200 or so points within a few years. Which, I need to do.

The second big change is my attitude about - movies. I'm addicted again. Like I was when I was alone in high school. I walk up to the Arclight at least once a week. I see whatever's on. I travel to other theaters in town to see films, I can see there. I've seen Control. Dan in Real Life. Juno. Darjeeling Limited (twice). Gone Baby Gone. Michael Clayton. Into the Wild. Across the Universe. The Assassination of Jessie James... and much more. Some brilliant (Into the Wild). Some not so much (Across the Universe). Some pleasant (Dan in Real Life). And some - forgotten masterpieces.

The last category goes to Blade Runner. Which was re released as "The Final Cut." I saw it as protest to the film I don't want to see - American Gangster.

My third obsession of the moment, besides "Into the Wild" and "Blade Runner" is Bottom of the Hudson. Quite possibly my new favorite band. Not just - band of the moment. But favorite band. A place that Radiohead has held for about 10 years. I can't listen to one song off their 3 (and a half albums) that I don't like. Or isn't - amazing.

I'm quite shocked no one seems to listen to them.

Two more announcements before I leave. The first, is quite obvious. I've changed my look. Yes, white isn't as environmentally friendly, but I need something new. The blog looks mimics the new look of my website.

The last announcement is for my first feature. I'm quite excited and can't wait to begin the process. More to come.