(Such Great Heights)

I believe in God. And he has given me a tremendously beautiful life. Suddenly, I'm happy. Completely satisfied. In control of my life. On Thursday, I was walking on clouds. The Thursday before. I was doing so. And perhaps, even higher.

I've met an amazing guy. Amazing. I've spent the past week in speechless, humility and shock. I feel totally wrapped in favor. Totally undeserving.

And then. A week later, things got better.

Something that could spell good things to come. Good things to come in my career. I'm still in shock. This is a strange position. The opposite of when I'm sitting on the top of Los Angeles, looking down at the sky lit city. Wondering if.

Now the ball has returned. I've got to take the shot. I'm ready. Using everything I got. And hopefully a moment like this will return again.

Thanks you.

And everything that I've been given. This is a good day.