New New New

The word new is used too often this month. January is all about "new." With MacWorld coming out with "new" mac stuff. With "New" Year resolutions. With this whole big Obama being our "new" leader - I can only fucking hope.

I'm excited, however.

I learned something of myself, that I've always known but now, I'm learning that it's something I embrace about myself and also know that it has hindered me in my life. I'm a guy who wears his heart on his sleeve. I'm completely emotional. I take life by the moment. And sometimes its fantastic - and others its not.

I recently found a partner. Who, I'm totally banana cakes for. Banana cakes, the way I was banana cakes about hearing I got into Sundance. It's been a wonderful past 6 weeks, although, I think at times, I've been impulsive and jumpy. My rhythm is aggressive and needy. I have a tendency to need to feel things now. I'm hardly patient.

I also take things too fast. A find something, I'm into and I smother it with attention. Eventually, I can calm down. I relax and realize that it's nice just to enjoy it. Like taking small bites of dark chocolate, or a nice clean sip of wine.

I've lost my appetite for gluttony and the last bit of that is my aggressive, impulsive emotional state. I feel a bit more - relaxed now. Things are flowing very well as I speak and I'm glad to have all the joys in my life.

I'm on a high in life that I can't describe and feel very privileged to be so. With a week before Sundance, I feel big things await in the looming year. A leap year. A year with the date 08/08/08...

I believe most of this can be attributed to my animal friendly ways. I have a slimmer build, a healthy demeanor - and all around pleasant mood in life.

Things are peachy! And maybe, a bit bland... smile. Which is why I've blogged much less. Good things to come, let's hope.

Hugs to my friends. Bugs to those not.