Photos from Sundance

Hello from Park City.

Park City is quite a small. Quaint town. (and cold)

Salt Lake City at night.

This is Morgan. He says hello. He makes things happen. He's an editor.

Us and my belt. I like my belt.

This is my first screening. Friday Morning. 8:30 am.

Now I'm tired.

Yowza! The snow's thick!

Yeah. Seriously thick. It snowed 18 inches on Saturday Night.

Here's the fancy GPS system we use to get around. (We tend to get lost).

Maybe one day, I'll be premiering my feature there. (crossing fingers)

Green tea is my friend.

This is near the Sundance Resort. It's beautiful.

Outside our theater for the Sunday Screening. Yeah! (for Scott and Morgan)

Behind this rock sleeps Robert Redford.

Look out for deadly ice knives hanging from the ceilings.

Tanya Passidore says hello.

Seriously guys - these things are everywhere.

This is my roommate. And he's the DP. And he's quite brilliant.

Fuck the ocean when you got mountains.

This chair seemed lonely. I did not sit in it.