Sundance (Opening Day)

I'm about to head to sleep. I've got my first screening at 8:30 in the morning and I'm a bit anxious. I'm also very tired. Park City is cold. And draining. I went into the Filmmaker's Office to grab tickets and badges and ended up spending a few hours sorting through the many free and purchased tickets that were both wrong and correct - both situations still had me confused. There's a million and a half parties going on everyday - and there's just too many movies to even think straight.

So far, I'm excited about seeing - GOLIATH & DOWNLOADING NANCY. I've been a fan of the Zellner Brothers for some time now and it's awesome to see them with a feature film. I can't wait to see it. (they've done Goliath).

Both trailers can be seen here.

Tomorrow should be a busy day and hopefully, I'll be able to keep my mind off things I've tried to say goodbye too. Thankfully, I received some asshole comments that made the evening a bit better for me.

I also heard good news from other festivals (that I can't mention) but this will be, again, another great year for my short film... I feel incredibly lucky and honored. I feel a momentum going into today. And although, I feel I lost something very dear to me this week, I'm gaining something that hopefully will last a lifetime.

Opportunity - as they say.

Also. Sundance is cold. Fucking cold. I've said that, but I just want to emphasize that 8 degrees is not the warmest of pleasantries. Below is a picture of me pointing to snow. It's thick. About 2 feet here...