Sundance (Shorts Program V)

Our first screening was at 8:30 a.m. at the Holiday Theatre. This was similar to a small multiplex with stadium seating. There's a picture of us in a previous post. We got in, giggled to ourselves and started watching. The first short "Force 1D" or something like that, which was paid for by eBay (and what would be assumed Nike). It followed a guide miniature horse with a blind teen. The film was set with a sort of hip hop urban feel and sort of went nowhere. It was charming none the less.

The next film was "Green Porno." Or at least - it was 1/3 of what we'd see of Green Porno. This was Isabella Rossellini's short film paid for by The Sundance Channel. In it she exclaims, "if I were a butterfly, I would have compound eyes..." and then goes on to describe her body and how she will be copulating with her mate. They are quite amusing and funny. And for a minute long, I don't mind that they're shuffled between our shorts.

The next short was entitled "Lloyd Neck." The first viewing of this short was excruciating. It was a long, extremely slow paced talkie with what seems like unrehearsed improv from a bunch of kids. The film follows a brother and younger sister as they spend the day in the part with the brother's friend. Who, as it turns out, is kind of sort of - more than a friend. The sister also seems to have a crush on the brother's friend.

The acting turned me off immediately. And it wasn't until my fifth or sixth screening, that I began to appreciate the subtle nature of the script. How it was what it was. Do I ever want to see it again?


But, I think it'll be nice to see what the director goes on to do next. Picking up the pace a bit, I hope.

Another Green Porno. This one with Isabella saying, "if I were a lighting bug, I'd light up my ass..." Ok Isabella - stop being so fucking charming.

Then Sunlit Shadows plays.


And then back to Isabella. "If I were a Spider, I'd have six eyes and still wouldn't see very well." Oh Isabella.

The next film to play is "August 15th." A drama people love to love. It's got subtitles. A girl gets raped, but lo and behold she gets her revenge on all the devils in bus who did nothing to stop her.

When I saw the film, I remembered seeing it before. It took me the whole of the week to remember.

BUS 44. If you look on Wikipedia, you'll see that this short WON at Sundance 5 years ago. And now it's back. With a slick new title. New actors. And a bit better cinematography. But, still.

It's the same movie.

Not my favorite.

The next film, made by my favorite filmmakers in the program, was called "The Funeral." It was a charming little button film about a girl who plans and participates in her own Funeral. It had some funny moments and was a nice break from Drama Queen Bus.

The girls from The Funeral did a little silly interview with me of which I totally bombed and made a fool of myself. It was for MTV Canada. But hopefully it worked for them.

The last film was the slickest of them all. Shot on Viper (David Fincher's digital cam of choice), in Australia, and with a nice beautiful DI transfer to film. It was also - quite deliciously made. A film set in a post apocalypse, where Zombies are asked to be burned if you see 'em. The kids run the earth. There's plenty of FUCK. And SHIT. And LESBIAN. To go around.

There's also a really, amazingly sweet moment between the boy and the girl of his new dreams that involves topics of fishing. The film is called, "I Love Sara Jane."

After the screening, our Q/A sessions have been brief if barely anything. Most people seemed most moved by Bus 44, I mean, August 15th but that's too be expected. We've had a good response to our film as well, hearing that we've made a few ladies tear up a bit.

I did an interview with a girl from DePauw University who was extremely sweet and incredibly bright. I was honored to be asked. The screenings were here and there. Some in Salt Lake, some in a nice flat auditorium. Usually a week or two after the festival, little blogs pop up if people enjoyed the film.

I'm sure, my ego will be googling for that.

(more to come...)