A Case Against Dogs

Today, in the car. I yelled pretty bitterly at my good friend Morgan. He made a great big deal about a stray dog wandering around. And started to, whether he wanted to or not, give me a guilt trip for not wanting to get out and try and find its owner.

First off, I love animals. I consider myself a vegan because so. In fact, I'd rather call myself Animal Friendly. I believe, because I choose not to eat animals, that makes me pretty friendly to the Animal Kingdom. I also believe our bodies are not designed to eat animals (based on the size of our intestines, the shape and motion of our jaw, our teeth, etc) all of which leads me to believe that eating animals has been a learned trait that really isn't that necessary. Especially because we are the only animals on the planet to drink from the tits of other animals way past our early developmental years, and also that we are the only animals on the planet that has to COOK our meats in order to properly digest it.

On top of that, we do some pretty shitty stuff to animals to get that "delicious" cheese burger on our plates. And the more you research how that gets to your plate, the more it just doesn't seem worth it. At least to me.

For the most part, I don't care what my friends do. I'm an individualist, as I've come to discover. I believe that I am me. You are you. And we share the earth equally. If you'd lke to stuff your face with flesh and chicken periods, go ahead. I'm not anti-meat eaters. I'm friends with quite a few. Including Morgan.

But today, I flew off the handle. Probably a little too much. But, I just can't stand this hypocritical stance people have with dogs and animals. You see, white America is just fucking IN LOVE with dogs. They are to us, the fucking Queens and Kings of the Earth. And anything they do is alright with us. And lo - and be-fuckin-hold, if there's a stray. People swerve, stop what they're doing. People can't concentrate if there's a stray dog hopping around, enjoying himself.

I recently was walking with a buddy of mine to breakfast and this same event happened. People just fucking stopped dead in the tracks to watch the little dog run the streets. It was like, the most awful thing anyone could witness. Here, a happy little pup, on the verge of getting run over - it could be the worst thing ever.

Today, Morgan's reaction to this dog. With a large bone in its mouth. A grin the size of Texas, merrily making his way down the side of the road totally enraged me. He was so fucking concerned for the dog. Wanting to stop and get out - spending what could have been hours to serve this puppy's purpose. To get him safe and sound with his owners. It was something, a concern that was not even thought twice when he ordered a turkey sandwich just moments ago.

Eating out for me, is always a pain. People always give me a funny look if I don't want meat - and Jesus - if I don't want dairy. It's as if I were some sort of creepy, nut job. "Oh, Vegan." Most of the time, people don't even understand that and try to offer me alternatives to milk - such as today - 1%.

Sorry, ma'am. Cow's Milk. Is Cow's Milk.

I'm sure most of what I eat out isn't 100% vegan. I'd starve myself to death, if I got so anal retentive about every vegetable that was soaked in butter, or tossed in the same grill as the chicken. It would be impossible to eat.

I try also to make a good example of a healthy, vegan lifestyle. If I constantly made a big deal out in restarants, people would just see being a Vegan - a big bother. When in fact, its a lifestyle I honestly believe is best for everyone.

Best for the environment. Best for animals. Best for our bodies. No heart disease. I believe would also decrease cases of cancer. It could end world hunger. END WORLD HUNGER. But, again, it'll never happen. The world will continue to exist as it does.

I can't, nor propose to change that. I can only live the best way I can believe in.

I blew up today, because yeah Dog's are cute. And loyal. And wonderful creatures. But so are cats. And whales. And cows. And pigs. And cockroaches. And bugs. And bears. And chickens. And ducks. And rabbits.

Animals are thinkers. And living beings. And they'd like to survive too. Sure Lions are meat eaters. But is it really necessary for us to breed cow just to slaughter them? To rape them so that they'll be pregnant so that we can have veal and dairy products?

Is cheese really that important to us? Cheese that causes heart attacks? And diabetes?

Not for me, anyways.

I like them animals.