Bird Fellows

Of recent, and of recent means this morning, I rejoined my vegan diet.  I'm announcing it here to really solidify it.  And I want any friends who see me trying to make excuses otherwise, I will encourage you to shake your head in disappointment.  

I'm also continually disappointed by lyrics.  Songs tend to give such rhythm and mood, a tone I can't describe but fully understand.  I want to figure out what the lyrics are and 99% of the time - they mean something completely ridiculous.

And that's very disappointing.  

I'm really in a rhythm of up and down lately.  Just even within the day.  Some days are really great in the morning and then - by the afternoon - I'm sort of having a bad one.  Which again, becomes a bit better by the evening.

I'm rambling.  And not sure what this blog title means.  Just what I thought might work but now it makes no sense.

Like lyrics.