List of Bands/Albums You Should Be Listening To

Dan Deacon's Spiderman of the Rings
M83's Saturdays = Youth
Michael Jackson's Thriller
The Organ's Grab That Gun
Whe Oak's If Children
Crystal Castle's (self titled album)
Cut Copy's In Ghost Colours
Gnarls Barkley's The Odd Couple
Andrew Bird's Soldier On EP
The Mary Onettes' (self titled album)
Sebastien Tellier's Sexuality
Vampire Weekend's (self titled album)
Holy Fuck's (self titled album)
MGMT's Oracular Spectacular
The Whitsundays' (self titled album)
Orba Squara's Sunshyness
Eef Barzelay's (self titled album)
LCD Soundsystem's Sound of Silver
Justice's Cross
Sea Wolf's Leaves in the River
both of Chad VanGaalen's albums: Infiniheart & Skelliconnection

There are many more that you should be listening too - but that should at least get you started.  Also, I'm highly anticipating SANTOGOLD's debut.  A sort of MIA, Hip Hop Woman Voice thing.  Check out the song "Creator" - it's brilliant.