Twitter & Other Apps

So, the iPhone just released its new APPS STORE and I'm enjoying playing with all the new gadgets. Although, my phone has suddenly restarted a few times. I assume, that 2.0.1 will be out soon to fix that - or I'll just have to deal with such annoyances because other people other than Apple will be supplying me with fun little games and such.

One APP that got me finally into something everyone seems to be on now, is Twitterific. I saw Twitter and heard of it, but never really got into it - or frankly knew what it was about. 140 characters. That's it. Not sure if I'll keep up with it, but maybe I'll get it and begin using it the way it should be used. Not sure.

I realize too that a blog needs to be specific. Being an "unspecific" blog, a personal blog tends to lead itself to less readers. Not saying I'm going for tons of readers here, but an interesting note. The new web experience is sort of a fascination with me. Suddenly, a second identity is appealing. Not that I'm ashamed or unabashed by the one I got now, but I like the fact that you can continually cultivate and curate your own brand of you. There is a constant sense of marketing yourself. An invisible, unrealistic version of your self.

Even at 140 characters.

My gym habit has lessened. I only went once this week. I'm glad I got a few more sessions with my trainer to hopefully get me back in shape. Again, not that I'm out of shape but the moment I stop, the moment I don't suggest to myself, maybe that extra scoop of ice cream isn't necessary - my stomach pokes out. My metabolism is sluggish and probably half dead. It takes lots of cardio and very little eating to lose weight for me.

And I can't seem to keep up with it.

The iPhone is a new tool. I believe the first of its kind (of course). I think the iPhone or Android or "smartphones" the ones with Applications built into them will be the new cell phones. Making calls is the last of our worries now. Being able to get information - ASAP.

This is the present.

In Wired, they had an article entitled, "The End of Science." The deemed the next age, the Petabyte Age. To say it short, there is no need to experiment or theorize because we now have petabyte's of data. We can now predict based on logic, pattern and samples beyond anything we've ever had before. We can also analyze that data at a rate - you get it.

With so much information at hand (at any given moment) and in only 140 characters, how can I describe the future?