The Adventure of Lion(s)

Back in June, I shot a video series that I've been thinking about for some time. It's called "The Adventure of Lions." In fact, the original idea came from about a year ago when I shot an experiment with my friend Morgan - I put it to a Peter, Bjorn and John song I had been obsessed with at the time and I edited the project in a style similar to Martin Arnold. Nothing ground breaking.

Since posting that video to YouTube a year ago, it's received 160,000 views and almost 200 comments - not any records to brag about, but probably the biggest thing I've done on the inter-web. Some people really enjoyed it - others thought it was total crap.

I am sure the video did as well as it did as I titled it "Peter Bjorn and John..." using their fame for my own advancement. None of my other videos on YouTube have broken the 5,000 mark to give a bit of perspective.

To the internet strangers, I'm a nobody. I continue my creative endeavors - practicing, experimenting, both successfully and not. Some things are possibly a rip off, while others are sometimes, I hope, are quite unique. I find these video projects both frustrating and incredibly satisfying.

I've come to the conclusion that for me, a good piece of work needs 2 of 3 things:

A) Money
B) Innovation
C) Patience.

Of course, that which is best includes all three but to meet a standard of quality, at least two are required. I have very little patience and have an insistent need to create (fuck time) - good or bad. Most of the things I've posted to my website aren't that great. Nothing to write home about for sure. But, I've learned alot in the two years I've lived here in Los Angeles. These experiments, most of which have taken place in my apartment (much to my roommate's disliking) have kept me a float creatively.

Working in reality TV as a coordinator and production manager can be a real - horrible drag.

"The Adventure of Lions" is no exception to floating. Over the past two months, I've posted weekly (for the most part) a video that I hoped expressed some sort of different view, emotion, tone than the last. Using the different reactions, different music choices, and different editorial choices. I've tried/exprimented with different techniques and hoped to possibly come to some greater understanding of what I was doing - as I'm not sure what has compelled me to do it.

This isn't the greatest of ideas. Throwing food has been seen in a million videos before - tricky, repeatative editing has been as well. I'm not presurposing that I'm creating some thing great, but in fact just something that's working for me - now.

The internet, has become a haven for angry, pissed off humans. People who find things to piss on and mock in order to make their lives just a tiny bit better. Perhaps, setting myself up for this mockery, I submitted a post on Antville. A music video blog dedicated to new music videos. Some are great - others not so great.

"The Adventure of Lions" has been considered a "not so great" music video series. I've subsequently deleted this blog post as every comment has been written by jaded, angry little strangers.

I suddenly felt very violated. What was a personal, experiment has now become something so critically judge (and I feel unfairly - for it's "typical" food throwing motif) that the sort of proud accomplishment that I once had for it now feels - tainted.

When you post your thoughts, your ideas, your videos, and your, for lack of a better word - art, the internet becomes a forum by which you will be judged. And through the anonomous nature of this process - you can sometimes be judged in a frankly - hurtful and spiteful, unintelligent way.

For now, "The Adventure of Lions" will continue to be my own work. And sharing it has become less exciting.

It's sort of a bummer.