Did the Russians Give Us Biden?

So. Biden may squeak by Kaine because of the Russians. In this rush and rose-petaled entrance that has been Obama awesome, I found no suitable companion to Obama's message of new, fresh, young and change. Kaine was perfect to keep on message.

And in fact, I still believe that he has a great chance.

But, suddenly. On 08/08/08. The Russian's invaded. Over a year ago, I had a dream about a terrorist attack on 08/08/08. It was surprising to find that nothing happened. Except in Georgia. Where the Russians have attacked. I'm not too certain all the details, but I do know that suddenly, terrorism isn't that cool anymore.

It definitely isn't as sheik as, what Keith Olbermann has stated, "an oldie but goodie" - the communists. Or Tsars.

So, this new news has brought the just as capable but older, more polished Senator Mr. Biden into the mix. I really do like his style of politics and think for old politics, he's got what it takes. He does, however, tend to have foot in mouth disease but maybe, just possibly he'll make right. I have faith.

And this whole Obama down by 5. Well, it doesn't bother me. McCain's a great guy. And he'll make a great one term president. As he stated. A president walking in a lame duck.

All I know, is that my phone is by my side and Saturday morning's text message is going to be fantastic! Wahoo! Go Kaine!

And go WEBB! (for 2016).