Gustav = McCain Disaster

As if God were playing his hand on the election, a major hurricane (Gustav) could hit New Orleans opening day of the GOP convention - the day Bush is schedule to speak. Completely uniting the disaster that was Katrina & Bush with McCain.

Hopefully, this hurricane will only threaten enough to wake up the masses to what's in store with them with another Bush in office without a real and disastrous hit. And hopefully, if it does hit - we've learned our lessons and act accordingly to the needs.

And not like this.

I went to New Orleans this past year and only got to check out the downtown area and the French Quarter. I was unable to get out and see the 9th Ward, but I can only imagine what another major hurricane could do to that delicate area.

And it's incredibly frightening the state of our universe.

Even the threat of this disaster should alert people that the real danger isn't in Iraq but in our inadequacies here at home. Let's hope the lesson's learned without the need for the loss of life.