New Work

So, for the past 2 months, I've had the luxury of taking some time off.  I've started shooting a feature film, I've redesigned my website (about 5 times) and really got to get back into a creative and wonderful rhythm.  

And now.


It's over.  I'm back to work.  Back to pushing paperwork.  Coordinating.  Doing payroll.  Creating PO's.  Keeping up on the information and going ons on productions I'm sure I won't be too happy to be a part of.  And, possibly, I could have a job until next May.  Which means - yes.  I'll be miserable.

This is such a dilemma.  Here I am, on the brink of financial disaster (not really).  And I need to work.  But the work I do gets me no where.  A hamster spinning the wheel.  It's just a matter of keeping up.  And doing those things you care about.

I need to do these things.  I can't get caught in the circle.  And the rhythm.  The rhythm is gonna get you.  If I just keep at it.  Keep at it.  

On Saturday, I'm shooting, co-directing a music video for a new band called One Block Radius.  Should be fun.  I'm also in talks (possibly) with shooting a new Secret Machines video.  Which could be quite amazing.  They are just a fantastic and wonderful band.

So, we shall see how it goes.  And see what the rhythm brings and how I'm going to stop it.  Turn into my own circle and make the world my own.

At least, I hope so.

If not, I just hope the paperwork is good.  As I'll get paid to do that.