Palin = Obama disaster? or 18 Million Cracks

In a really surprising move this morning, John McCain nominated a really fine and incredibly popular mother of 5 - Sarah Palin of Alaska to run as his VP. In what is pretty obvious she stated, "Hilliary Clinton may have left 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling, but the women of America aren't finished yet and we can shatter that glass ceiling once and for all!"


Sarah Palin governed a state whose population is less than that of Long Beach, CA. Population about 670,000. People are already touting that she's a little too inexperienced to hold such high office.

Funny, that they say the same things about Obama. It's also intersting how this year's VP picks are direct references to what the other canidate has touted as their weakness. Obama has little foreign policy experience, although he's time in the National Senate has been in the Foreign Relations Committee. So, he chooses, as I predicted due to Russia/Georgia, Biden. An experienced life long Senator with a long resume of foreign policy.

McCain has been blamed for being (silly enough) too old and out of touch. So, he chooses a young (44) woman. Tugging right at the Hillary voters still crying over her loss. On NPR today, I heard a number of woman already swept up at the prospect that Palin is the new Hillary. Even though, Palin's policies are 180 that of Hillary.

Hillary was pro-choice, anti-gun, pro-gay marriage (as much as a politician is allowed to without being shunned from the country), universal healthcare. Reverse all those positions for Palin.

What is genius about Palin as VP is that she fits that good ol' boy Bush personality. She's - one of you. She's got 5 kids, one headed to Iraq (Biden also has a son in the war) and a professed "hockey mom."

This is very very bad news for Obama. Especially since he gave an incredible 45 minute speech, of which I've only heard about half and that speech has been drowned by this early morning news... another brilliant move by the GOP.

And the third move? Announcing this young, vibrant, all American woman on McCain's 72 birthday, a fantastic means to cover the story that McCain is just "too old." Something, I find funny but not that important.

So, this my friends, was a brilliant move and I give them a fantastic kudos on some great politic manuevers. I hope, however we get back to a substancial debate on POLICY. Which, I'm sorry to say I disagree with McCain on. As much as I love the politics of politics, it's very important that we don't take our eyes off the ball.

I'm tired of these ridiculous ideas that McCain's too old. Obama's too weak. Biden is a loud mouth "two-time" loser. And now Palin is too inexperienced. Let's talk about what's going to happen when they show up on the White House lawn.

And from there - we will see who's the better canidate.