New Hampshire. Please Vote for Obama. or I Hate Joe.

On November 4th, I hope that New Hampshire has the gumption to vote right. And vote Obama. The way everything is going now there is a clear possibility that we could have a tie. A tie. 269 to 269. Meaning, McCain gets Florida, Ohio, Virginia & Missouri. Obama gets Colorado and Pennsylvania. (see chart below).

With this in mind.... Holy bananas. Then it goes to the House of Representatives. No problems there, the democrats hold majority. But. Then. The Senate. 51 to 49. And guess who the swing vote is.


Joe motherfucking Lieberman.

And then. It goes. 50 for McCain. 50 for Obama. And then guess what. Cheney breaks the tie. Dick Cheney breaks the tie.


Jesus what a nightmare scenario.

So please, if there is god in that very important state of New Hampshire, please vote for Obama. Don't let Joe and Cheney choose for you.