Dear Dad

Though we've talked many times about Obama, I understand your hesitation. And your choice to choose McCain for reasons of pro-life vs. pro-choice. I can no longer feel compelled to change your mind.

However, I've voted through absentee and saw that Amendment 2 is on the ballot. This is titled "the protection of marriage..." Though, I'm sure this will pass - for who wants to destroy marriage? I think it's important for you to realize what you'll do by voting yes.

1) It sets a precedence in the law to take away domestic partner benefits - such as insurance and hospital visits. My rights. This includes ALL unmarried partners. Straight or gay.

2) It can lead to harming our widowed seniors - who have lost their life long married partners - and now only have the friendships and new found (unmarried) partners.

3) You don't believe in discrimination just because YOU believe something in your own personal religion.

4) Frankly, there is nothing in this amendment that actually curbs divorce rates or protects marriage.

5) People have already lost benefits in states that have passed similar measures. In Michigan, health insurance for domestic partners were repealed at every state university that offered them. In Kentucky, amendment backers had promised they were only "banning gay marriage". Now they are working to eliminate domestic partner benefits for state and university employees. In Ohio, justice for domestic violence victims was impeded because lower courts ruled that their "marriage" amendment" prohibited applying domestic violence laws to unmarried couples.

I understand that your religion tells you that marriage is between a man and a woman. But, I don't think that we as humans of the 21st century should act so inhumane and cruel to those who love each other - and want to spend the time with others. Even if they don't want to marry in the eyes of God. (Straight or gay).

Remember that our very religious founding fathers made it a point to separate the church from the state. Don't let your church tell you what others around you must do. Don't let your faith harm those who show love and compassion.

If you want to protect marriage, this is not the way. We are not in the 1960s. We are not racists. We are not a people of hate.

I can't imagine that your Lord Jesus would compel you to force his will and beliefs on others. God believes in Free Will. Let others damn themselves. You should not judge them - and neither shall our government.

As a republican, as one for less government, I can't see why anyone - why you - should support such a terrible and despicable piece of legislation that only impedes on our rights and enlarges our government.

So, please, vote McCain because you believe Obama will change the laws to spend your tax dollars to help those unfortunate with abortions. But don't vote to "protect marriage" because of your beliefs systems. Vote NO. Vote no to protect our rights to be human.

And spend the time to protect family values. We are not demons. Or evil. Or do the idea that two people who love each (but don't marry) mean that we are here to destroy marriage. There's no reason to think that marriage needs protecting.

Please understand as well that -

Thank you, my Father.

With love and hope,
Your (gay) Son