Swiftboat 2008

In 2004, Kerry was washed away and eventually lost because Bush's team threw this whole Kerry isn't a patriot into the air. Somehow, Kerry was a man who "renounced his country's symbols," a reference to a Vietnam War protest where Kerry threw war decorations over the fence of the US Capitol building in 1971. And this made us all believe that Kerry hated America. Essentially.

Well, it's back.

And this time, his name is Ayers. Instead of talking about policy differences. Or what each candidate stands for and has a record of - we're now talking about who knows who. And that - even worse than being anti-American - is that he's a RADIAL EXTREMIST... associated with a TERRORIST.

And even in what the right calls the COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK... a network who is better known as the CLINTON NEWS NETWORK, who cares nothing for Obama puts this out... I can't wait til we shed ourselves of this dirty, slimy politics. How this has anything do with the war. Or our economy befuddles me.

It's just so convenient that this starts getting reported a few weeks before the election when McCain is down over 5 points in most polls... I mean, why would we want to elect someone based on their record and what they stand for?

Shouldn't we vote on Character? And personality? Palin is really sweet. And McCain was a war hero. Definitely means they should run the country. Definitely. Bush was elected over that Frankenstein Gore and creepy horse faced Kerry... whew... glad we're doing the right things for America.