All Men Are Created Equal*

As I predicted on October 28th Obama is our new president with 364 electoral votes.

I woke up today and thought how great it feels to be an American. Whether you agree with the politics of one party over the other, it is amazing to watch our democracy flourish, move and transform - like a living organism. I have come to an understanding that the reason America is such a great nation is that we are able to adapt.

And, for lack of a better word - change.

When America needed a father, it gave us FDR. When it needed a conservative, it gave us Eisenhower. When it wanted something fresh, it gave us JFK. When America was ready to take off its shackles of government and let the free market reign - it delivered Reagan. There is this amazing ability in America to cope and deal with extraordinary challenge.

Yesterday, America wanted something different. Some people may have voted against Bush. Or for hope. To make us not feel so foolish in the eyes of the world. We have in a single day proved to the world how brilliant and wonderful our democracy is. How stifling the rights of others - the rights of women in the middle east, of the people in China - bring nothing but a halt in progress.

Others may not agree, but in the last eight years or so, we've had made some bad choices in the world. Not all bad - but blunders and such that have sunk our standing, our power, our role as leaders of the free world.

I have argued with some who believe that war against fundamentalism is the only answer. When I disagree. Reagan won the cold war through diplomacy. Just as Nixon cooled relations with China with the same.

After Vietnam and the failure for Americans to "defeat the enemy," our enemies have found that fighting without a country, without a government is their best defense. It's easy for us to wrap our heads around taking down Iraq. Or taking down Afghanistan's Taliban. But a war against ideas - ideas that spread like viruses - that's something you can't fight with a gun. Or bomb. Or tank.

I think our best strategy is what we did yesterday. We proved to the world that our ideas are grander. And more fantastic than any could imagine. A boy named Barack Hussein Obama now leads a country that a little over 40 years ago told these same boys to stay separate from the "true Americans."

I'd like to write a letter to Obama. I know his plate is full. He has the economy, the war(s), education and health care to solve - all problems which deal with the whole of America.

And not just one kind or the other.

But, I hope (as he seems to carry it) that he realizes that yesterday brought news that was disappointing. And as much as we took a giant leap of faith. We have still much to do in order to form a more perfect union.

The rights of all should be the rights of all. If a man chooses to make a choice, a choice which harms no one nor himself - that choice should be kept safe as part of our basic human rights. We as humans do not need a government to say no, but a government to protect us - and our rights.

Our right to Freedom.

And yesterday, the American people have chosen to say no. To the rights of that which to them feels - preverse, disgusting, ungodly - and though Jesus' word, what many call the Golden rule, states:

Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets. - Mt. 7:12
People of all colors, all sides of the political landscape stepped into the voting booth and said, even though I would want man to allow me the right to marry, I say no to those who want the same - for I know more and have greater knowledge of what is right. And what is wrong.

Divorce rates are 50%. A drunken night in Vegas can allow the sanctity of marriage to fly right out the window even though couples who have been together 20+ years can never see that moment of passage. That ritual before the state that proves an everlasting love.

And so, although Obama's rise to office is a giant, grand and glorious step towards the ideal that All Men Are Created Equal. Anyone can make it. The true American story. We still have to pause. And understand - that there is much to learn. And much to go.

But, of course - in due time.