New Hope

So, I'm sitting in the JFK Jet Blue terminal waiting for my flight to board as I'm headed home for the holidays and I'm pretty excited. It's going to be nice to see my family and take a bit of break from life in Los Angeles. Not that it's tough or anything terrible but a break is a break. And all breaks are good.

Well, almost all breaks are good. Some just don't feel good.

Anyways, back on track. All my best ideas happen when I first wake up. Or, at least the ideas I think are really great. Sometimes, they don't turn out to be that great or -

By the way, I just looked up and realized that I missed the sunrise. I've never really cared that I missed a sunrise (I'm usually asleep) but I was awake when it was dark and the New York City sun rose while I stuffed myself in computer surfing. Sort of sad - moving on (again) -

So, sometimes, they don't turn out to be that great or even that productive but I will say that in the morning - I have great ideas.

I've been thinking about the entertainment industry alot. And how times change. I was watching some old music videos on the plane on VH1 Classics. There was this Cars video. The videos of the 80's were pretty terrible, they're funny and sort of niche but not that great. I wondered who the director's of those videos were? I started to realize that it seemed to take about 10 years for the idea of music videos to really take off. Before it became profitable. And worth investment. And, in the 90s become a standard.

The first years of any new art form is always laden with silly experimental and commonly useless things. The first years of film, the first years of photography, the first years of television, the first years of music videos. And now, the first years of internet video.

I'm set up now to actually do something cool. If I've got a great idea. To form the medium that is still forming. It's like hot glass - ready to be molded by anyone who's got the guts. You just have to be an innovator. Of course, the goal is to get back into film. Just like director's of the 70s began in television, director's of the 90s began in music videos and hopefully, director's of the 10s & 20s will have begun in the age of internet video.

That is my generation of filmmakers.

And that's where I need to focus my energy. If any energy is being spent now - it's in trying to make profit/understanding/art/business of the internet. This is our music videos. Our television.

And all we have to do is make it happen.

Very exciting.