I recently uncovered a single poem, hidden in my documents folder. I remember back in high school I used to write tons of poems. Good or bad or whatever - they may be. I enjoyed writing them.

I started writing some again, recently. Trying to uncover some creative juice that has bottled up in the past year. Here's a few stanzas - nothing definite but just an arrangement of words, if you care to read:

Blue side walls
Covered in red vines and green leaves
Yellow clouds bleeding silver sleets of ice and rain
Violent suns wrestling between them
Reaching down into dark gray seas.

I got some bad news.

I stuffed myself with another sandwich
Chicken topped in leaves and red juices
Smothered in cheeses
I'm full. But unsatisfied.

I got some bad news.

I heard through the lines
Buried in the ground, ones battled by zeros
Zeros topping, bottoming ones.
Spilling into a virus destroying helpers
And making way for simple sneezes
And coughing

I got some bad news.

And then -