Happy Joy Music

So, the past few days haven't been the most pleasant. It's turned out alright, as good as it can but not as much as I'd prefer. That being said, I also downloaded The Ting Tings's album. It came out a while ago and they have definitely already hit their prime, come and went but something about that album just makes me


From the first two tracks, to the big Apple iPod song - it just has a buzz and vibe of upbeat awesomeness - something that really makes your day, well - pleasant. I'm glad I allow music to dictate my life. I've cried to albums, I've felt sheer unadulterated joy, giggles almost. And that's something I can take to the bank.

Music is the closest thing to a relationship, but in this one you get to fully control the outcome, the emotions and time. It's a wonderful thing.