Time Ticks By

And so, the end date is here. My last day on Deadliest Catch - March 27th. 3 weeks from now. And then - what's next? Another show at Original? Most likely. I am enjoying the constant flow of the ability to pay my bills, eat what I want, buy various fun toys and things (video games, movies) but as time pushes forward, I find myself unable to really enjoy them as much as I thought.

When time ticks towards an end date. I find myself, in these transitional periods remembering why I'm here. Why I moved to Los Angeles. I want to write. Direct. Complete these feature projects, I've been wanting to do for so long. I find myself getting comfortable in a paycheck and easy living.

I'm writing. I'm doing things, but not at the ferocious trajectory that I was when I first moved here. I've lost contacts at festivals, lost a lot of my drive. It's still there and one or two days a week I find myself spilling onto the computer, reading/writing, getting excited again.

This time, as it ticks by - goes slower sometimes and then - it's over. I always thought about my move to Los Angeles as trying to be a small fish in a big pond. I didn't want to stay in Orlando and just be a bigger fish in a smaller pond. However, I've realized that Los Angeles is a really fucking big pond - in fact, it's practically the Pacific Ocean and I'm passed by whales and other sea monsters.

Sometimes, when listening to music, I hear a song that catches me off guard. This time it's Beirut's "No Dice." For anyone who knows Beirut, he is known for a more world sound. Somewhere out of the Baltics. Trumpets, tubas, a traveling gypsy sound. Sort of like Devotcka.

But, No Dice sticks out. An instrumental completely electronic sound. And it's like a punch in the gut - do it.

Just fucking do it.

And the systems and similarities you've put yourself in must change. Take the chance again dip your toes into the ocean and swim.