Dodgers Game!

I've never been a fan of sports, mostly because it's just something I find will take too much of my time away but also because I wasn't ever any good at it. That being said, tonight I had a ton of fun at the Dodgers game.

I had planned on going with a friend from the LA Film Festival, programmer extraordinaire Susanna - but she wasn't feeling well and so graciously allowed me to take my friend Heather. And so, off we went. Arriving in style and chopping on some Dodger Dogs, Beer & Garlic Fries. Delicious heart attacks.

The game started slow but soon picked up pace as Manny placed a nice hit. In no time at all, everything was tied up (and then ahead by one). I celebrated with some ice cream in a hat - yes, I did... And slowly found myself becoming increasingly louder and more excited.

The game ended, we won 4-3 over the Colorado Rockies and to make things even better there was 70's Music flavored fireworks! Fuck yeah!

Baseball is awesome! I shall make sure to make room for this in my schedule. Wahoo!