Don't Miss Your Flight

So, looking at my itinerary to Los Angeles, I saw I had an 8:30 am flight. I calculated that I'd need an hour to check my bag and get through security. 7:30. An hour to get there. 6:30. And a little padded time for gas and checking in my rental car. So, I left my Mom's house at 6:00.

I said my good byes! And I left.

And then. I get to the airport and check in my rental car, go to the kiosk to check in - and it's not working. What's up? I call over one of the Delta people and they point out very plainly that the 8:30 flight I'm trying to get on is in Atlanta. I'm supposed to be in Atlanta at 8:30. And to get there, I have a 6:30 flight.

Are you fucking kidding me?

I was supposed to arrive in LA at 10:30 am. My manager was going to pick me up and we were going to have a nice breakfast and discuss my script. Afterwards it was going to be my weekly Sunday Sunbath (yes, I need that) at my friend's home.

Well, that plan has failed.

I get to the counter and grab for another flight. The next one out is at 11:48 am. Ugh. It's only 7:30 now. The flight out of ATL will now be at 2:40 and I'll get into LA at 4:40 pm, with the time change. So, a 4 hour delay in JAX and now a 2 hour delay in ATL... 6 hours wasted of my awesome Sunday. And you now may wonder why I'm so pale... So, I mosey over to security, no rush now - and sit down. I use this time clean up my 228 script, sending it out to my DP and PD.

Time passes slowly.

Finally my flight comes and head to ATL. Landing, I find that my flight is at 3:45 now. Not, 2:40. And, the previous flight on Delta -

Let me interrupt here to say that their little touch screen "satellite" system is totally whack, and I do want to agree with Louis CK on this one but honestly, don't tease me with free TV, movies (that I'd be happy to pay for to pass the time) and games - when it's broken. Just don't give me the option... I don't want to be bored out of my mind on an airplane pushing on a broken touch screen that goes to Music when I press Movies. Goes straight to TV when I press HBO, etc... And then of course - never works.

Back to ATL. The previous flight to LA was "downgraded" and many people didn't get on because they used a smaller plane. Why? No idea. So, now MY flight is over booked. And I don't have a seat assignment... I wait in line, cross my fingers and by 4:20 when we finally take off, I'm seated next to an excessively large (barely can put the arm rest down) foreigner who thinks that YES MAN is the funniest movie to hit the theaters... yes, his touch screen worked...

Now, I land in LA at 6:00, only 7.5 hours later. My friend gets stuck in traffic only to make the day worse and I finally get home at around quarter to 7.

But all in all, it was a great day. :)

Also, I want to say some thank you's to my friends and family in Florida:

Mom/Les: Thanks for the couch! Sorry Sophie is so crazy, I swear she's only trying to look for a good recipe when she tears the entire cookbook apart across the floor... I'll see you in 2 months for the wedding!

Jon Jones: Thanks for the Vegan Cupcake, delicious! (we ate at Dandelion, an amazing little vegan restarant in Orlando). I'm going to watch your film this week!

Matt Butcher: Great CD man! Listened to it all the way down to my Sister's house. I think I may have some ideas...

UCF: Thanks for the memory trip. (I drove & walked through my old communications building where the Film School was).

Danielle: !!!!!! Thanks for the beer and the company! You should totally come out here - ASAP!

Tiina: Thanks for the early photo shoot, please remember that I will not approve of any - belly shots... ;) You are also, awesome.

Erin: Thanks for letting me stay over at your place! You are wonderful!

Andrew/Ang: Thanks for coming out to see "This American Life" with us, it was nice to see you.

Ryan: Thanks for making an appearance, having a drink.

Holly: You are my favorite sister, and I think I could say that even if I had another... or seven.

Dad & Family: Thanks for that great dinner and shoving all that ice cream down my throat... ;)

And thanks to Florida, who may be the flesh tag of America, but it's MY flesh tag and it wasn't until now, that I actually appreciate it.