Dreamscape: Gross Relief

I haven't posted in many many months a dream I had, but this one was just horrible & strange.

I started out in a construction site, my family was there and we were trying to get to a show of some sort. We had to climb a ramp. At first it was just that - until we started getting to the holes and actual construction areas of the building. It was really wide open and if I were to place it, it was at the W being built on Vine & Hollywood. There was an old lady there who may or may not have been my Mother's grandmother. My Dad and my sister were there too but not my Mom. The old lady took my arm and I was helping her along.

Suddenly, I started to feel sick. Sick in a way that I did when I first started to take my meds. Like this drunk and dizziness. I started to call out for my Dad to help the old woman as I didn't think I could do it much longer.

As soon as he grabbed her, I immediately bent over a railing and started to hurl. I vomited a lot, mouth wide open. And then - I woke up. I was still vomiting.

Until I was 13 years old, I wet the bed. And I would have had this same experience, where I started to dream I was using the bathroom and wake up - doing it already. The same feelings were over me. Here I was dreaming about vomiting and now I'm slightly awake in my bed, continuing to do so.

I finally finished after what seemed like almost a minute. I remember, and this is gross, chewing on a bit of the vomit left in my mouth and it was what for all intensive purposes - black beans.

I lifted my head and saw what a disgusting mess I made. My room was sort of a mess. Already, clothes on the ground. I got on my knees and reluctantly took off my shirt. And I thought to myself, I have to tell my Dad. "He's seen me at my worse." I think it was because I was about to tell him in my underwear. I suddenly realized, I was in my room when I was a teenager in high school. My room covered everywhere in this red bean vomit.

I also remember that my body was incredibly fit, a body that I have always wanted but never had the stomach (eating wise) nor serious drive to put that much dedication into it.

I woke up again. This time relieved that I did not vomit. That I was just in my room here in Hollywood. It was really strange. I felt, if I fell back asleep right then I could probably remember where I was going with my family, but I might lose the rest of the dream. So, I wrote it down. This dream being so strange and it was the first time I woke up in a dream only to still be in it.

On my iPhone I got a little application that spotlights words from a dream and gives you a sort of semi-symbol definition of what it might mean. As you'll see, it's kind of weird.

  • CONSTRUCTION SITE: symbolizes that your mind is busy trying to understand or process a situation or idea. This dream can also foretell a transitional phase in your life, when you are leaving the past behind and creating a "new you."
  • FATHER: represents your need for safety and security. Speaking to your father denotes your suppressed desire to be guided and supported.
  • OLD WOMAN: denotes that unhappy cares will oppress you.
  • VOMITING: indicates that you need to reject or discard an aspect of your life that is revolting. There are some emotions or concepts that you need to confront and then let go.
  • DREAM WITHIN A DREAM: is a coping mechanism, a way that the subconscious mind buffers very sensitive subject to the dreamer, so that he does is not get upset and wake from the dream. In addition is adds enough distance between the dreamer and the subject to allow for objectivity. Usually it the effect of excessive worry and in one dream the dreamer wakes up to find that things are all straightened out until, lo and behold, the sleeper finds it is yet another dream. It is not uncommon to have more then two levels to a dream, the main reason hear is fear, and worry, over life's circumstances. There is no interpretation for this dream as it is not a symbol, it is condition of the state of the emotions of the dreamer.
  • BODY: signifies your level of self-worth and self-esteem. Often times, these qualities are dependent on your physical appearance or how you perceive yourself. the dream body also reflects your conscious identity. The boy is also representative of your state of health.
Very - very interesting...