Florida Florida Florida

You don't know you miss something until you haven't had it in a while - and then, you have it again. I honestly believe that Florida is the flesh tag of America. That being said, I've come back and realized how comfortable and wonderful it feels. Knowing my family is here. Knowing my friends are here. And for some strange reason - the weather feels better... at least for now.

I realized too that I need to get away more often. Staying stuck in one city isn't good for my personality.

Circumstances have become mundane. I want things to change. I have an ideal way in which I'd like to live. The sort of people, the sort of lifestyle, etc. I know I am spontaneous and a little reckless. I know I am lucky and easy going. But when life gets a bit - stuck. I begin to lose those things.

I needed a change. Some of it was very unwanted and this, was definitely needed.

I hope when I return I have a new outlook on things. I am a bit calmer and ready to start a new job, new show - with new challenges. There are things I'm hoping to restore but in good due time.

I hate waiting, but - waiting is alright. If the outcome is there. And that's what I fear, that the decisions I make are good, are bad - are indifferent.

I shall see.