The Hawk It Died

I'm not sure what it was but in a moments notice two bird came swooping into the highway and one was immediately hit by a car with a almost comic puff of feathers and sudden fear in my eyes. And then, without any hesitation traffic came. Piling up. And after a mile or so, the cause of it appeared before me. I pass a car, totaled, sitting on its side against the rail.

Crowds of people were surrounded what for all intensive purposes was a dead man. An ambulance zooming by in the left shoulder. And then, after this - the traffic stopped, the sun was out, bright blue skies and I was humming along the highway in my rental car as if nothing happened. Two lives (or possibly more) had not just suddenly passed me - literally.

Life is fleeting. And waiting for the opportune time to strike, to make things happen means so little to me. If you want something - take it. It is yours. And yours only to have.