New Habits

So, I think I need to get into a better blogging habit. I say this because I am beginning to do a film based on another blog of mine which includes some entries from this one (for the year of 2007). I realized I used to really write alot and I found it to be quite a document about my life, where I have been and all the things I thought about.

Recently, I've been going through a lot of new experiences, most of which I'm not a fan of - but experience is experience. I actually, for all intensive purposes, have been happy and carefree. I've also didn't need to express myself in some blog read by - 3?

But, I realized there's now a huge gap in this sort of open journal. And I need to change that. And get back into old habits.

Today, I went to Universal Studios. Which actually was quite a lot of fun. I realized that Ron Howard is really a bad imitation of Spielberg. I felt his presence throughout the park. It was frightening. From the "Grinch..." sets, to the terrible Backdraft (of which he introduced) and various movie clips from Apollo 13 and other things I will try to forget.

That being said, I felt the most important thing to do was come home to a good popcorn flick. War of the Worlds. And I still love it. Not only is it a disaster film, my personal movie junk food, but also just a really great film.

And you know what - Ronnie SHOULD be alive because it's ridiculous and short sided to kill him off - isn't the whole movie ridiculous? Why did Tom Cruise have to kill Tim Robbins? What the hell was all those red vines? And seriously - the alien anus scene? You have all that and Ronnie surviving is the reason everyone complains?

Moving on - I also saw 2 great films in the past week. Adventureland & Observe and Report. Both of which are a new sort of comedy that plays the film straight. I still want to like films like Hot Rod, and I stand by thinking I like it... but when a film just does its thing and play it dry, play it violent, play it raw - I love it. It's nice to see the comedy evolve...

And I'm happy I still think it's funny to say I'm going to see Paul Blartt, but I'm glad I never did.