I've been waiting alot.

I make schedules and plans for myself but realize that the times between those plans are filled with waiting. I don't want to start anything great or wonderful so it's just a bunch of nothing. I'll play Risk on my iPhone, catch up on an episode of 30 Rock or Daily Show (which I hardly watch anymore) - although Jon Stewart's impression of Joseph Lieberman is pretty damn funny or browse the interweb.

Writing comes into play but those are times when I plan to write. I'm not a spontaneous writer.

I think next week, I'm going to ask to take off. I'm excited about the prospects of taking a solid week off and I'll hope to get a lot accomplished. That being said, it usually ends up me being really lazy and really getting nothing done.

I do better with a busy schedule than a lazy one. I also need real deadlines.

I'm starting up a writer's group (again) - the last one I think was too big. We had 6 of us, and 6 was a good number in theory but trying to wrangle us all together, keeping up on everyone's ideas just wasn't that great.

So, I'm starting over with three. We shall see how that goes.

Anyways, I am off to the premiere party of Deadliest Catch for which I am the production manager on. I'm not especially excited either - wow I am sort of boring right now... as parties aren't really that exciting anymore - but I do look forward to seeing a lot of familiar faces.

Although there are some there I hope I don't run into.